History and Information

Discovery of Ross Island and Mount Erebus
The discovery of Ross Island and Mount Erebus.

Encyclopedia and Wikipedia Definition of Mount Erebus
A very informative source for the basic information on Mount Erebus.

Satelite Image of Mount Erebus

FAQ on Antarctica

World Organization of Volcano Observatories: MEVO
Mount Erebus' entry in the WOVO database.

Mount Erebus' Lava Lake History

Mount Erebus' Lava Lake, Ice Towers, and Ice Caves
A very information article including the lave lake, ice towers, ice caves.


MEVO Experiment 2008 - 2009
This page gives a detailed look into the deployment of many sensor stations for an experiment conducted in 2008 and 2009. It includes a description of the research area, equipment, and installation method used by the Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory Team.

Hot spots on Mars give hunt for life new target
An interesting article that gives hope that steam can be found on Mars due to thermal scans showing possible ice towers that could be similar to those on Mount Erebus.

Science: Antarctic gold dust
Gold is constantly being spewed out of Mount Erebus into the air but unlike other volcano Mount Erebus emits it in metallic form.

Climbing Mount Erebus
Field notes written by two travelers visiting Mount Erebus. An expedition from the Erebus hut to the summit.

Cambridge University: Impacts of Mt. Erebus on the atmospheric environment
The partner university's, Cambridge, research on Mount Erebus.