Independent Study

This a listing of independent studies published by graduate students from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology on topics derived from the work done on Mount Erebus.

Independent studies unavailable for online viewing:

  • Jayme B. Margolin: Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Snow in the Summit Area of Mount Erebus Volcano, Antarctica, 2006
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1 Jesse L. Crain: Magma Chamber Dynamics at Mount Erebus Volcano, Antarctica: Determined Using Volatile Radionuclide Emissions, 2002
2 Julie A. Calkins: Ground-based Thermal Observations of Two Lava Lakes at Mount Erebus Volcano, Antarctica in December 2004, 2006
3 Shauna M. Mikelich: Sulfur, Chlorine, Fluorine and Aerosol Emissions from Mt. Erebus, Antarctica, 2006
4 Dawn C. Sweeney: Sulfur Degassing from Mt. Erebus Volcano, Antarctica, 2006
5 Michael J. Skov: Digital Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing as Applied to Seismic Networks in the Rio Grande Rift and on Mount Erebus, Antarctica, 1994
6 Rebecca Knight: Seismicity of Mt. Erebus Volcano, Antarctica: Recorded Digitally from November 1994 to June 1996, 1996
7 Sangyun Mah: Discrimination of Strombolian Eruption Yypes Using Very Long Period (VLP) Seismic and Video Observation at Mt. Erebus, Antarctica, 2003
8 Sara K. McNamara: Source Mechanism Inversion of Very Long Period Signals Associated with Strombolian Eruptions at Mount Erebus, Antarctica, 2004