This a listing of theses published by graduate students from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology on topics derived from the work done on Mount Erebus.

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1 Eric A. Bigelow: Techniques of Volatile Analysis in Volcanic Glass by Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry, 1985
2 James A. Moore: Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrogensis of the Lavas, 1986
3 Kimberly Meeker: The Emission of Gases and Aerosols, 1988
4 Lauri M. Sybeldon: Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from Pu'u O'o Vent, Kilauea, Hawaii and Mount Erebus, 1991
5 Edward P. Klimasauskas: Emission and Dispersion of Gaseous S, F, and Cl, 1995
6 Richard P. Esser: 40Ar/39Ar Dating, 1996
7 Alan J. Eschenbacher: Open-system Degassing of a Fractionating, Alkaline Magma, 1998
8 Christopher J. Harpel: Late Quaternary Eruptive History of Mount Erebus, Antarctica, Using 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Tephrostratigraphy, 2000
9 Peter J. Kelly: Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Mt. Erebus, Antarctica, Lava Lake from 1972-2004 and Comparison With Older Lavas, 2006
10 Christine L. K. Sumner: Residence Time Estimates and Controls on Crystallization Patterns for Anorthoclase Phenocrysts in Phonolite Magma, Erebus Volcano, Antarctica, 2007
11 Mario Ruiz-Romero: Analysis of tremor activity at Mt. Erebus Volcano, Antarctica, 2003
12 David B. Henderson: Analysis of Seismic Similarity in Strombolian Eruptions from Mount Erebus, Antarctica, 2007
13 Christian L. Lucero: Seismic Moment Rate Function Inversions from Very Long Period Signals Associated With Strombolian Eruptions at Mount Erebus, Antarctica, 2007