Geological Mapping



The Mt. Erebus volcanic edifice has not been geologically mapped to the degree many other volcanoes of the world have been. Lack of outcrop exposure due to snow and ice cover make geologic mapping on Mt. Erebus, and most other Antarctic volcanoes, difficult. The summit area of Mt. Erebus, however, does have significantly more rock outcrop than lower elevations. Caldwell (1989) identified, mapped and geochemically analyzed over a dozen individual lava flows within the summit caldera. Later, Harpel (2000) modified the stratigraphic relationships of the mapped flows using the 40Ar/39Ar dating technique.

Below is the simplied geologic map from Caldwell (1989) and Harpel (2000). It is unlikely that other portions of the Mt. Erebus edifice will be mapped in the near future.

Simplified geologic map of the summit caldera of Mt. Erebus (created by Caldwell (1989), modified by Harpel (2000). Click to view larger image.